About Us

We run an online/physical store that sells unique and affordable Turbans, headwraps, turban wraps, scarves, and other headpieces for chic and stylish women. We also make custom designs to meet specific customer needs.

Our fabrics are carefully sourced to meet the quality hallmark we stand for and to create more unique pieces for our customer’s unending demand for the beauty that we create.
All our products are locally handmade with love for you.

Our main vision at balkyz is to help women meet their needs/wants for modest covering.

Access to quality products across the globe.


BALKYZ was derived from our founder name “BALIKIS”. The Brand Balkyz was born in the year 2011 out of the desire to create a uniquely African brand for women in Africa and across the globe. After our founder got admission into the university, she discovered the opportunity to support herself and bring modesty to student fashion by retailing women’s scarves, dresses, skirts, men’s kaftans to name a few.

She began selling from one hostel to another, school to school, within towns and now across the globe and beyond.

In December 2017 our founder Balikis had a surgery that required her to start wearing a turban during the recovery, as she had to cut off her hair for the sake of the surgery. Whilst going for physiotherapy dressed in turbans, people started to admire the turbans and requested to buy them.

This new demand created an opportunity to start retailing turbans and other headwrap accessories. The demand grew more than we expected and we started producing ourselves as most of the designs requested were no longer in the market.

We started to introduce new designs and styles to the admiration of our customers.

Today, we aspire to move and grow wider, bigger, and better to meet our customer’s growing demands.